Code of Ethics

Ethical Guidelines for the Global Association of Medical Intuitives

Practitioners will hold as the highest priority for their professional activities, the health and welfare of their clients. Practitioners will maintain confidentiality within the therapeutic relationship with their clients and they will always put the needs of their clients first and foremost, treating them with compassion and understanding. Practitioners will maintain an objective and a non-biased position in assessing energy and in upholding professionalism. Practitioners will operate from a position of equipoise and humility in all interactions and conduct. Practitioners are to be coherent with their integrity at all times and, when necessary, defer to a second opinion or to medical diagnostic testing. Practitioners agree to use medical intuition only in accordance with the standards of practice set by the Global International Association for Medical Intuitives. Practitioners only assess and do not diagnose. Practitioners will remain current on the latest developments and research concerning medical intuition. Practitioners will treat all medical intuition practitioners and their colleagues with dignity, respect, and courtesy.