Membership in the Global Association of Medical Intuitives (GAMI) will connect you with the most up-to-date information in the field of Medical Intuition while welcoming you to participate in a unique community of teachers, professionals, healers and students, worldwide.

The benefits of membership include a selection of membership levels that provide exclusive access to articles, blogs, speaker forums, online streaming, events, special video interviews and a private social network; as well as inclusion in a private interactive community of experts in the field of Medical Intuition.  Students and professionals alike will find common ground while growing and continuing to expand the field of Medical Intuition.

GAMI is a unique association where Medical Intuitives can learn and work collaboratively alongside medical professionals, taking the field of Medical Intuition to a place where it can become accepted as a legitimate skill, proven by science and empirical data.

The field of Medical Intuition has taken off and GAMI is ready as the leading membership-based organization dedicated to the highest standards in the field through GAMI approved schools, GAMI certified professionals, as well as to fostering the professionals of the future.  GAMI offers a supportive and collegial environment.


GAMI members are eligible to participate in a certification track through one of the GAMI-approved schools. GAMI is affiliated with the National Alliance of Energy Practitioners [NAOEP] for national certification for Medical Intuitive professionals.

All U.S. schools are approved by the NAOEP. All schools outside the U.S. are approved by GAMI.

Benefits of Membership

  • Be the first to receive the latest information and advances in the field of Medical Intuition
  • Unlimited access to members-only content on the GAMI website and private social network
  • Opportunity to earn professional certification through GAMI schools
  • Learn, Share, Listen to the very best professionals in the field of MI through exclusive GAMI-only forums, courses and interviews
  • Access to content and learning opportunities at all knowledge levels 
  • Year-round online and in-person educational programming
  • Member pricing for GAMI events
  • A direct connection to peers, consultants, and industry partners through GAMI’s member directory and private social network
  • Access to GAMI’s private social network, with members-only discussion groups covering a variety of topics, where you can seek practical answers and solutions from your peers worldwide.
  • Access to members-only special content interviews with leading experts in the field of Medical Intuition and healing
  • Find like-minded individuals who practice their gifts and share their experiences in a safe and professional setting
  • Gain insight into the latest trends in Medical Intuition and the most current interface with the Medical Community