Medical Intuition

Medical Intuition (MI) is not just having a hunch or a psychic knowing.  Medical Intuition is the combination of ethics, the ability to hold sacred by honoring the sanctity of the individual client, all the while being able to scan the system to find the root cause of the ailment or symptom.

Though MI involves a skillset, more often those who are very proficient with their skill were born with it.  I remember as a child I would put my hands on a person, simply knowing their pain.  Part of my gift was extreme empathy and part of my gift was being able to ‘see’ inside the body of that individual.

Often, those with this skill whether from birth or through an awakening in life, find that they also have natural healing abilities.  Somehow in an etheric world that we are beginning to prove scientifically, we have an innate sense of what is out of balance, but often how to fix it.

Long before modern medicine, ancient cultures practiced the art of light and sound therapy.  In ancient Egypt, for example, the ankh was used as a sacred tuning fork in order to put the body back into balance, by striking it and letting the resonance carry through the auric field of the person.  This would, in turn, vibrate the system as if to remind it of that frequency.

Light therapies have been used since before the ancient civilizations of Atlantis, only during the time of Atlantis they abused their technological knowledge of this and eventually contributed to the demise of their entire culture.

As the powers of light and sound have the potential to give life, so too it can be taken away.  Conversely, while medical intuition is a modality of insight and clear knowing regarding a person or animal’s condition, so it begs the necessity for respect to the practice and ethics of the skillset itself.

To be a professional medical intuitive is to also honor and respect the boundaries, belief systems and hold dear the sensitivity of information as it pertains to another.  For we, as humans, are temples for spirit, and it is our birthright to honor the temple in one another in ways that are helpful and never harmful.

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