Not Feeling Well?

Not feeling so hot?  Or constantly hearing of someone who isn’t feeling so hot?

Having trouble gaining weight or losing weight? Tired but aren’t sure why?  You have achy joints and it’s hard to move? You frequently get colds and feel weak?  And those headaches!

Some will tell you to take medicine.  Some will tell you to take herbs.  Others will suggest eating organic foods.  

And really, those things might help!  Or not.

I am going to suggest that you go to the origin—the root cause and explore from that perspective.  There are emotional causes, which I have said many times and there are other factors that most don’t consider, and usually, your doctor will not address.

I have done extreme healing with herbology and a variety of modalities going on twenty years now.  I have studied with the best mentors and seen the craziest of cases you could imagine.  I usually see people when they don’t know where else to turn.

And we usually find a solution if not a full-on cure.  I don’t believe in band-aids or temporary fixes.  Though some people are not willing to completely take responsibility for healing and therefore will not go the extra mile for what’s needed.  But the solution can usually be holistic.  Sometimes the need for allopathic medicine is an important first step.

In my work, I have seen over the years that there are five to six factors that I look for over and over again.  And the number one cause of what wreaks havoc on a body system are bugs.  Bugs disrupt the body chemistry and absolutely create chaos in systems, which in turn, creates other issues such as hormone imbalances for example.

If the liver is infested with bacteria, parasites or a virus, it is more easily congested and then consequently will not conjugate your hormones properly.  It can also send off inflammatory responses and you might even have headaches frequently.

As soon as someone comes to see me for a consultation, the first thing I do is look at the constitution of his or her body.  I usually use iridology to do this and it’s a wonderful tool to assist me in seeing where there may be a weakness in the systems and what this might indicate.  Additionally, I use Applied Kinesiology, otherwise called “muscle testing.”  This is a crucial step in analysis.  It appears there are points on the body that might indicate if there are weakened places in the body due to bugs.

Upon determining if a person tests positive this way, I employ all the natural healing products I know to find the system that is the body’s priority to heal.  With this confirmation, it always makes sense what herbs or minerals the body is calling for and why.

The body and what it tests for never fails.  It tells a story so transparent it’s amazing more doctors don’t also use these methods.

Legally, we can’t diagnose.  As a Medical Intuitive I might know, and things may point in that direction but the best we can do as healers is to “strengthen a body system that is weak.”

Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., now deceased, was a person that proved my theories and my testing with science.  In her book, The Cure For All Cancers, she takes the position that bugs indeed are the key factor to all ailments but toxic chemicals that are in our households are equally to blame.  Her premise is sound and has proved true for me over the years.  Her position is what some might consider “extreme.” 

I think her position was groundbreaking and very sound, with proof.

I just finished a liver/gallbladder cleanse this weekend, using the formula and recipe in the back of Hulda’s book.  I have used this recipe my entire career and used it with people who were very ill as well as those who were very old or who didn’t even have a gallbladder!  

How can that be you say?  The bile ducts of the liver hold stones, which she claims are created around parasites, or bacteria that were in the liver.  Additionally, viruses and other bugs can adhere to these stones, which is one reason why people have allergies and which contribute to autoimmune diseases. 

Simply, if you clean out the stones (with this very very safe method in her book) you no longer have things clogging the bile ducts and you no longer have a place for bacteria and bugs to attach to which may set off trigger responses such as allergies.

They say weight issues, illness and just about anything you can think of can be assisted by the liver/gallbladder flush.  I tend to agree.  I tell people they should do this flush at least once a year and also do a parasite/colon cleanse every six months.  

Parasite cleansing is crucial!  I see it constantly in people.  Once we do the cleansing of the parasites their immune system will come up stronger and their body will begin to regulate better.

Parasites alone are perhaps the number one cause of all issues and certainly for cancer as Hulda also tries to prove in her book.  Again, I agree with this as I have seen it over and over.

Where the bugs grow, disease also grows.  As I jokingly tell people, “when the farm gets too big it becomes unruly!”  And it does.

I have had numerous case histories over the years, which prove this to be true.  I had one woman who tested strongly to parasite herbs above all else.  She told me her father had served in Africa and come home with a doctor-diagnosed parasite.  In time his joints fused together and he couldn’t bend them!  

The woman also had a fused joint in her arm and was diagnosed with the same parasite that her father carried.  But no one knew what to do about it before the joint fused.  Sadly, had they treated for parasites, the ammonia waste that the bugs gave off would not have called the body to calcify that area and her joints would still be mobile.

I Don’t Believe Cancer is Genetic!

I don’t believe that cancer is genetic.  Yep, I said it!  

I believe and have helped heal numerous people naturally who had cancer, but no longer have it.  Some did chemo; some did not.  

Dr. Bruce Lipton, in his book, Biology of Belief, suggests through his scientific experimentation that the genes that EXPRESS cancer are only turned on when the environment changes.  So that could mean several things.  The environment could be emotions, toxicity in the environment, noise, or other factors that might influence a body system such as food/bacteria, parasites or virus.

In other words, you can be a carrier of a cancer gene your entire life and never express it.  You can have cancer and you shift the environment so that it no longer continues to be expressed.  I see the latter more often.  It does, however, depend upon the stage at which “the farm has grown and how unruly it now is.”

Being proactive about your well-being is key.  

Bugs are at the core of all of your ailments.

Emotions are usually the first issue unless the environment is toxic or the water you drink is full of harmful chemicals.  In China, it’s all about the air.  Now it’s all about the radiation on the West Coast of the United States.

What’s next?  Our water tables are being polluted not by factories but by women’s face crèmes!  The very thing we use to get rid of those nasty liver spots, hydroquinone, is washing off our faces into the water table and going back into circulation.  But so are the hormones in birth control pills.  And men are in taking that as well!

What if the women just cleaned their liver and cleaned up their emotions?  Then skin-bleaching crèmes wouldn’t be a necessity.  It would help everything. 

Of course, it’s not just all about women and their face crèmes!  No, it’s much greater than that as I’ve said many times now.  Our perceptions beget our reactions.  Our reactions beget more false perceptions.  And foolish decisions are the resultant.  Thereby, creating issues that then need to be solved.

A good example of this would be nuclear power.  Did the Earth ever really need nuclear power?  No.  And how were those decisions made?  And by whom exactly?

Would Mother Theresa or the Dalai Lama have made a nuclear power plant or would they have had a solution far more inspired and refined that would never have harmed the Earth or anything on it?

We do this to ourselves.  Thank God for very knowing Beings being born today with greater insight than we’ve been accustomed to.  Maybe they have a shot at making this change.  And maybe if they are lucky, they will still have a really beautiful world in which to try out their “inspirations.”

Go Jolly!