Professional Membership offers inclusion into the VIP membership.  VIP membership includes the latest information in the field of MI with videos, courses, tips, in-depth articles and blogs, as well as, inclusion in the association’s forward movement.  Professional membership is to be upheld by agreeing to the standard of conduct and ethics in practice and as a representative of the GAMI association at all times. VIP membership also includes a directory listing as a Professional Member and school name if applicable.  Professional members will be featured and rotated on social media, radio, online streaming, TV, in articles and at events.   Professional members will be asked to contribute content for the sake of the Association group twice a year at a minimum.  Professional Members will be included in any additional promotional opportunities that may arise because of the GAMI.


The Professional Membership is for students who have graduated from one of the schools approved on the Global Association of Medical Intuitives (GAMI) website, and working professional medical intutives who have passed a specialized exam compiled by the teachers of the schools listed on the GAMI website, showing proficiency and appropriate skill set of a Professional Medical Intuitive.