The Schools

The practice of Medical Intuition comes with great responsibility and the Global Association of Medical Intuitives [GAMI] is an organization dedicated to leadership in the practice and industry of Medical Intuitives.

Therefore, GAMI is featuring the very best educators and practicing medical intuitives, setting the standard in ethics, education and the practice of Medical Intuition, worldwide.

As the future of Medical Intuition moves in a direction of being widely accepted by the medical field, the standard of practice must continue to meet the needs of a changing world, advancing technologies and finally, an acceptance of Medical Intuition as necessary and helpful support in modern healthcare.

The schools listed below are taught and run by some of the finest Medical Intuitives globally who uphold the standards as recognized by GAMI and come as recommended sources for the student who is ready to commit to a true study of Medical Intuition.

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Medical Intuition has become an exact skillset that is gaining acceptance as a profession

However, experienced practitioners today must demonstrate that they are current on the latest developments and research concerning medical intuition. 

Practitioners who bring relevant skills must also show that they understand the unique role and responsibilities of a practicing Medical Intuitive. 

By becoming professionally certified, and by maintaining that certification year after year, you show your clients that you:

  • Have met standards that have been established and verified by a respected third-party organization
  • Are dedicated to staying up to date and maintaining quality and competency in your work on a regular basis
  • Are committed to your profession and that you want to continue to learn and grow.
  • Adhere to a strict ethical guideline for the practice of Medical Intuition
  • Have demonstrated the ability to accurately assess the energetics and root causes of an illness or imbalance within a body of a human or an animal.

Global Association for Medical Intuitives (GAMI) approved schools lead the way in the acceptance of Medical Intuition as a valued profession in healthcare.