I Endorse Her Healing Skills Wholeheartedly

At age one, my son developed bacterial meningitis and was very sick. While he was in the hospital, Winifred Adams told me over the phone several things to do with him that seemed to make a positive difference. Then she came and spent several hours working with him directly in the hospital. I participated in these exercises and I must admit I could literally feel what I would describe as a cascade of energized particles flowing between me and my son. He did improve significantly after these treatments.

As an allopathic physician and surgeon, I certainly believe in and employ traditional western medicine. But I also believe that there are certain aspects of healing that are not well understood and cannot currently be explained by science. Therefore, I think that alternative treatments such as those performed by Winifred can be a powerful adjunct to traditional medicine. Winifred and I met through a mutual patient of ours, and I again I must admit that treating this patient along with Winifred exposed me to a number of interesting and powerful experiences. I endorse her healing skills wholeheartedly.