Unforgettable Healing Session

I’m an RN and had an unforgettable healing session with Winifred. It was like no other alternative therapy session that I have ever had. By using her 20+ years of experience she was able to determine what was causing my “quirky” issues that no one else has ever been able… Read more “Unforgettable Healing Session”

Dawn S., MA

I Endorse Her Healing Skills Wholeheartedly

At age one, my son developed bacterial meningitis and was very sick. While he was in the hospital, Winifred Adams told me over the phone several things to do with him that seemed to make a positive difference. Then she came and spent several hours working with him directly in… Read more “I Endorse Her Healing Skills Wholeheartedly”

Jason Fitzgerald, MD

My experience through Winifred’s workshop was an awakening. 

The information was thought-provoking and life-changing.  This priceless information is a unique opportunity for all to create a ripple of healing.  Inner healing and growth are inevitable through working with Winifred.  If you’re ready for a life change, this is… Read more “My experience through Winifred’s workshop was an awakening. “

Liz Todd