Winifred Adams


Winifred Adams is a Medical Intuitive/Master Healer, Radio Show Host, andProfessional Wellness Speaker for Making Life Brighter ™. With the ability to see the origin of energetic imbalances, Winifred’s rare, but vast skill set shifts energy in Live-Time™, creating an environment for perfect and often complete healing. An expert in Extreme Healing™, Winifred, now shares her innate and rare gifts of intuition with audiences, creating an experience of Live-Time Healing.

Winifred is an international best-selling author for The Silver Lining of Cancer, and co-author of The Power of Your Inner Brilliance, and Manifested Blessings. Winifred teaches online and is a professional Motivational Speaker and a member of the National Speakers Association. Winifred is also a Grammy-Voting Artist and an award-winning singer/songwriter.

Winifred is the founder and President of the Global Association of Medical Intuitives, showcasing the world’s finest talent in the field of Medical Intuition as well as setting the standard for education, featuring some of the leading schools and teachers, worldwide.

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